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If you’re looking for an exciting new business, which can offer you happiness, flexibility, and a wonderful lifestyle then Sew Happy Sewing is a great choice for you. All you need are basic sewing skills, an average home and a sewing machine. Watch Kim’s video and see how you can make Sew Happy Sewing work for you.

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Teaching adults & children can be hugely rewarding. Bringing back the skill of sewing to our future generations gives a great feeling of pride.


You get to make your own schedule around you and your family. You can be at home if you need to be, & attend anything you need to.


Your social life will be amazing, you’ll make a lot of new friends. All this and you’ll earn lots of money!

How does it work?



Download our business plan along with 5 complimentary tutorial videos


Watch our beginners tutorials & work through the business plan and marketing advice


Begin your own tutorial groups at home, why not one for kids & one for adults?


Start earning money! You can cover the cost of the business plan from your first tutorial group session.


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I started going to Kim’s sewing lessons at Sew Rye a few years ago. Having never put time aside for myself I found that I really looked forward to the classes each week, not only because it became my precious “me time”, but I looked forward to learning whilst chatting to my new friends over a cup of tea and a needle and thread! Learning as an adult can be a daunting task but I loved Kim’s kind and gentle approach, some weeks I would do more sewing than chatting and other weeks more chatting than sewing but I always left feeling relaxed and happy. It was only because of our relocation to Sydney that I stopped going to Kim’s and I remember our Thursday mornings with such fondness- I learnt alot, I laughed alot and I got to know a group of lovely ladies, in my opinion everyone should be part of a sewing circle.
Sam, Sydney Australia
At Sew Happy not only did I discover how creative and fulfilling sewing can be, but also I shared fun moments sipping coffee while chatting with my sewing mates. It was always a great, relaxing morning that I looked forward to. Kim was incredibly inspiring, always trying to find a way to work around my crazy projects!
Carolina, Texas
I was part of the very first group of sewing classes Kim started up more than 2 years ago. We were all very different in experience but it didn’t matter. She explained everything very well and it was always helpful. Besides all the things I’ve learned from Kim it was for me also the best combination of getting to meet so many nice people coming from all parts of the world. My group was from Sweden, Belgium, South-Africa and the Netherlands. I moved back to the Netherlands 3 months ago and still miss those nice moments I had during those classes. I’m even thinking of setting up my own group of nice woman who want to share experience and share a good laugh, story or tear so I can continue the great set up Kim has started in the USA. Kim you are the best!!!!”
Natasha van Veen, The Netherlands